DOL Credentialed Doctors in Dayton, OH


The US Department of Labor OWCP credentialed doctors treat injured federal employees in Dayton, Ohio, in compliance with the US Dept of Labor OWCP & FECA.

If you file your OWPC forms incorrectly you could lose your benefits. We can help!

Department of Labor Credentialed OWCP Doctors

At Federal Injury Centers in Dayton, we understand the unique challenges faced by injured federal workers. Staffed by dedicated US Dept of Labor “DOL doctors” and a compassionate medical team, we offer the gold standard in federal worker compensation injury care, rehabilitation, and OWCP claims assistance for federal employees in Dayton, Montgomery County, and beyond. Our deep expertise in handling OWCP claims ensures you receive the best possible medical treatment from credentialed DOL doctors and rightful compensation benefits.

While other Dayton-area  doctors may have medical skills, they often lack the specialized knowledge and experience needed to navigate the complexities of federal workers’ compensation. That’s why countless federal employees choose our doctors. We offer exceptional claims assistance and top-notch medical care, all fully compliant with FECA and OWCP regulations. Don’t settle for less – trust Federal Injury Centers to guide you through every step of your recovery and ensure you receive the care and compensation you deserve from federal workers compensation doctors that treats injured federal employees like family.

The credentialed DOL doctors at Federal Injury Centers of Dayton provide excellent medical care, injury rehabilitation, and expert claims assistance for injured federal workers….

The experienced federal work comp doctors at Federal Injury Centers of Dayton provide free consultations & complementary OWCP claims assistance for injured federal workers in the Dayton area…

The federal workers’ compensation doctors at the Federal Injury Centers of Dayton know how to properly treat injured federal employees and know how to properly handle DOL-OWCP claims….

Federal Workers Compensation Doctors in Dayton

Are you an injured federal worker who suffered an on-the-job injury in Dayton? Forget settling for less than the gold standard at Federal Injury Centers. Our passionate workers compensation doctors and dedicated medical team excel in injury care, rehabilitation, and claims navigation, helping you access the best treatment and rightful compensation under OWCP regulations. Unlike many local doctors, we’re DOL-OWCP experts, guiding you through every step with exceptional claims assistance and top-notch medical care – all fully compliant. Countless federal employees trust us for a reason – choose us and get the recovery and benefits you deserve.



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